Monday, January 2, 2017

But I Don’t Write!

“I don’t write. When I text, it looks like ‘C U @ 8.’ I’ll call somebody before I leave them a note. Journaling is not for me.”

Writing is talking on paper. You talk all the time. You probably talked during the above-mentioned phone call.

Handwriting is awkward until your hand relaxes and starts doing what you want without being told. That’s what it’s like after you get used to it and it happens a lot faster than you think. You think of something to say and the pencil or pen writes it without arguing.

Then your thoughts get turned into concrete words on the page.

Oh, Dear.

That means you have to look at those words and not only is the handwriting sloppy but the ideas are stupid and everybody can read them.

Return your attention to the above phone call.

You did not evaluate the quality of the way you delivered the message. You needed to plan how to get together for dinner and so you did. No second thoughts about your word choices.

Journaling is like that if you let it be. Just say what you mean to say. If you mess something up just scribble through it and move on.

Your journal will not criticize your imperfections. Your teacher will not grade you.

Look into your heart and write about what you see there. If you can’t figure out what you are seeing, write about that.

It’s a dark room filled with junk.

It’s a tangled ball of yarn.

It’s an empty plane as far as the eye can see.

It’s a swimming pool full of screaming children.

It’s a box of misspelled words describing boredom.

It’s a sweaty jungle full of mosquitos.

It’s none of your damn business.

It’s empty, boring, stupid, empty, boring stupid, empty, boring stupid … in bad handwriting for three pages.

And all or any of that is exactly fine and correct.

No worries.

It’s your journal and nobody else’s!