Monday, December 28, 2015

Your Future Biography

In a previous post I suggested you use your journal to write a future biography.

A future biography can be difficult if you don't know what you want to do when you grow up. Finding your dream is a lot of fun ... once you get started. But how do you get those juices flowing? How do you prime the pump?  I found a wonderful list of questions to help you get started over at Creative Dream Incubator:
Creative Journal Prompts for Finding Your Dream:
I feel happiest when:
I wish I could (list at least 50 things – keep coming back to this over the next few weeks to add things):
The qualities/values that matter most to me are:
If I could live my life exactly how I wanted to, I would:
The things I like best about my life are:
The things I like least about my life are:
I think am being really true to myself when I:
If I was living more in tune with my own heart and soul, it would feel like:
If I knew what my dream was I would feel:
Take your time with this. Really explore each question and notice where your thoughts lead you to.
Then explore your answers to see what they are telling you about what your dream is.
This is brave work.
Being honest with yourself about your dreams can be TERRIFYING.
You may have a fear that if you find out what your dream is – everything will change and change is scary.
Or if you go after your dream and you fail – that will hurt too much.
Or that if you know what your dream is, you still won’t know how to make it real, and that will be too frustrating.
Or if you knew what your dream is, you might go after it with everything you’ve got – and that would be too selfish.
Or deep down inside, you might already kind of know what your dream is, but you’re sure you’re not good enough to make it happen. It’s easier to just not know what it is.
This is hard stuff!

All this is so true! As the author points out, it's hard to reach for your dream because you might fail and that's going to hurt like hell. The other truth is, not trying actually IS hell.

If you have trouble journaling, fill your pages with the answers to these questions. Let your journal work its magic on you.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Pretty Journal

An absolutely beautiful journal! I like to make journals but this is way out beyond my skills. You can find it and its brethren here:


Saturday, December 12, 2015

On This Day: Da Vinci's Journal

A page from one of DaVinci's journals
I found the History Chanel's website called "On This Day" that delivered a wonderful surprise for today:
On this day in 1980, American oil tycoon Armand Hammer pays $5,126,000 at auction for a notebook containing writings by the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci. 
The manuscript, written around 1508, was one of some 30 similar books da Vinci produced during his lifetime on a variety of subjects. It contained 72 loose pages featuring some 300 notes and detailed drawings, all relating to the common theme of water and how it moved. Experts have said that da Vinci drew on it to paint the background of his masterwork, the Mona Lisa. The text, written in brown ink and chalk, read from right to left, an example of da Vinci’s favored mirror-writing technique.
Journal writing is way older than da Vinci but he is almost the Great-Grandad of journaling. They are absolutely wonderful to leaf through and a lot of them are on the web and you can get an ebook version for free on Amazon

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Forever is composed of nows

Emily Dickinson wrote the title of this post. I wish I was that smart!

Today's journal prompt is to write about the moments you enjoyed in the last week, as many as you remember.

Every week, every day has moments that we were uncomfortable and moments that were happy. Tiny moments like the first sip of coffee or a funny commercial on TV. Noticing little moments like that is what makes life rich. Things like that slip by unseen. They are so tiny. But tiny things are important and I know that's hard to believe.

Our problems and snarls in life are big. Huge. They need big solutions. They need giant effort and possibly magic. Something like a tornado, or the ship passing overhead in Star Wars. Mount Everest. An act of both houses of Congress. Something magnificent and uplifting.

This prompt should probably be a sentence or two in every journal entry. Those fragments of life are drops in a very big bucket, but they are lost forever if they pass by unnoticed. Notice them, write them down and treasure them!

Everything is composed of billions of teeny tiny nows. They don't look like much, but changing those nows can change the entire world.

Forever – is composed of Nows
by Emily Dickenson

Forever – is composed of Nows –
‘Tis not a different time –
Except for Infiniteness –
And Latitude of Home –

From this – experienced Here –
Remove the Dates – to These –
Let Months dissolve in further Months –
And Years – exhale in Years –

Without Debate – or Pause –
Or Celebrated Days –
No different Our Years would be
From Anno Dominies –