Monday, November 30, 2015

Pepys's Diary

The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Thursday 27 November 1662 
At my waking, I found the tops of the houses covered with snow, which is a rare sight, that I have not seen these three years.

Up, and put my people to perfect the cleaning of my house, and so to the office, where we sat till noon; and then we all went to the next house upon Tower Hill, to see the coming by of the Russia Embassador; for whose reception all the City trained-bands do attend in the streets, and the King’s life-guards, and most of the wealthy citizens in their black velvet coats, and gold chains (which remain of their gallantry at the King’s coming in), but they staid so long that we went down again home to dinner.

Samuel Pepys lived from 1633 to 1703 and kept an extensive diary over about 10 years. He was a hardworking business man who lived in very interesting times, surviving plagues, wars, and the London fire. His diary is one of the chief sources of ordinary life in Reformation England.

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