Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How do you really feel?

Diary of Henriette Dessaulles, 1874
One of the best reasons to keep a journal is finding out how you really feel about something.

Journals don't give advice, frown at you or lecture you about how you OUGHT to be feeling. Pick a topic that's been bothering you lately and really air it out. Too often we just bury things we're guilty about feeling. We bury our stuff in television, work, video games, or high-fat, high-sugar food. Your journal isn't going to be disappointed in you or argue back. It's only going to "listen."

We also bury things that we think we can't do anything about.

"What's the point? I can't do anything about that." You may or may not be right. There may be something you can do that you haven't thought of and writing about it will bring that something to mind. You may think of someone you can ask for help. Who knows? You won't know until it all gets out and looked at. If you are right and it's a situation you can't fix, then you have done what you can do about it. You've written about it and gotten your opinions out of you and onto the page. Sometimes that's all you can do and sometimes (certainly not always!) it's enough.

Oddly, your journal can also give you a different perspective.

When you write about whatever is bothering you, get silly. Get exaggerated. Lecture yourself about how you SHOULD feel, and then argue back. Write from the point of view of the person who is bothering you. What do you think they'd say to you about this thing? Write from the point of view of Mother Theresa, or your mother, or Obama, or Eric Cartman. What would any of those people say about what's going on? You can get amazing insight by looking at something from a lot of different directions.

But don't take anything Eric Cartman says too seriously.

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