Sunday, November 1, 2015

Commonplace Books

"Commonplace book mid 17th century" by Beinecke Flickr Laboratory 
Commonplace books are almost journals but not quite. They are filled with anything you want to remember, quotes, lists, pictures, recipes. They are almost but not quite a scrap book.

They reason commonplace books don't quite make journal status is because they were almost never used to discuss the entries. I might throw a recipe in my journal but I'll talk about it, why I like it, what I'd change about it and so on. My journal is a place where I discuss things with myself.

A commonplace book would be a place to throw an idea so I won't forget it or to stash a funny quote that I know I'd like to share on Facebook later.

There's more about these interesting artifacts from the past on Wikipedia. (It's where I got that wonderful picture!)

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