Friday, November 27, 2015

Art Journals

by an unknown artist who is not me
I love art journals. I'm a huge fan of mixed media collage, especially with a liberal sprinkling of words. On the other hand, I find art journals to be completely intimidating. I like to draw, but don't do it very well.

And I know that the journals that you see on Pinerest are not first efforts. Those books are by professional artists and they are not showing you the pages they did when they were first learning to draw or were having an off day. It's their best work.

Still, wow. Beautiful, but ...

All the journals I make (see tab above) have blank pages so you can add drawings, doodles, or paste pictures. I sometimes doodle some flowers or faces or coffee cups--I draw a lot of coffee cups--on the actual page I'm writing on, but usually I'm too busy talking on paper to add an image. And when I do add an image it's not going to be something I scan and put on the internet.

When I draw in my journal I'm usually listening to something that doesn't require that I take notes. Music, a boring talk, a podcast. I can't sit still and not do something, so if all else fails I draw. I almost never do color in a journal. Color means paint or marker and those might spoil the pages underneath where the writing is, and the writing is the important part. Art journals usually have thick pages that prevent bleed-through but thick, 300lb cold press paper is total overkill for a regular journal--the kind with words.

So I collect art journals on Pinterest and love to look at them, but I'm pretty careful not to compare what I do with that. Comparisons are odious anyway, and that kind of comparison can freeze your blood, which makes fun doodling and fun writing no fun at all.

It's way better to just doodle and enjoy yourself. Say what's in your heart and maybe add an illustration you clipped out of a magazine or draw your least favorite person and give them big ears and an eggplant nose.

And if you are a fabulous artist please leave a link in the comments section. I love to look at art!

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